Every Entry Into The Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart- 1969- Part 28. Today’s three entries all came into the charts on February 15, 1969- “I Like What You’re Doing {To Me}- Carla Thomas, “Maybe Tomorrow”- Iveys and “Hello It’s Me”- Nazz.

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82. ” I Like What You’re Doing [To Me}- Carla Thomas. Stax. Soul. Written by Bettye Crutcher, Homer Banks, Raymond Jackson. B-side-‘Strung Out”  Carla Thomas- the daughter of Memphis music legend Rufus Thomas- had her first and biggest hit- “Gee Whiz” #10 while still a teenager in 1961. She would have 22 Hot 100 hits between 1961 and 1969 with 6 making the Top 40. “I Like What You’re Doing {To Me} would be her final Hot 100 single- reaching #49 and spending 11 weeks in the Hot 100. She is also remembered for her duets with the great Otis Redding. Grade: B-



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83. “Maybe Tomorrow”- Iveys. Apple. Power Pop. Written by Pete Ham. B-side- “Daddy’s A Millionaire.”  The Iveys would soon change their name to what we would know them by- Badfinger. Their first and only hit under the Iveys name- “Maybe Tomorrow” peaked at #67 and spent 6 weeks in the Hot 100. They were on The Beatles Apple label. After changing to the name Badfinger- they had a total of 7 Hot 100 hits and 4 big hits-starting in 1970 with the Paul McCartney written “Come And Get It” #7, “No Matter What” #8, in 1971 “Day After Day” #4 and in 1972 maybe their most famous song now since it was played in the final scenes of Breaking Bad- “Baby Blue” #14. Badfinger deserved more success than they had- and they would endure two suicides by hanging- Pete Ham in 1975 at the age of -you guessed it 27 and Tom Evans in 1983 at 36. Grade: A



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84. “Hello It’s Me”- Nazz. SGC. Rock. Written by Todd Rundgren. B-side” Open My Eyes.”Nazz was a rock quartet out of Philadelphia headed by Todd Rundgren. Their only entry into the Hot 100 was- “Hello It’s Me” twice- the first time was in 1969- when it went to #71 and spent 7 weeks on the Hot 100 chart. A year later it returned to the charts doing a little better #66 and 6 weeks in the Hot 100. But it was a song that just refused to die- Todd Rundgren as a solo act in 1973 would record it again and release it as a single and it would become his biggest hit #5 and 20 weeks in the Hot 100. A great song. The Nazz original is slower and more trippy.- I like it a lot but not as well as the Rundgren 1973 version which I’d give an A+. Grade : A.


  1. Fascinating about The Iveys. I never knew them as anything other than Badfinger. I love all of their hits, but I don’t know any deep cuts. Great band. Max has alluded to some nefarious stuff swirling around the band, but I don’t know any details except for the suicides. I’ll have to look up their info.

  2. I always like the first version of Hello, It’s Me. But, Rundgren was always re-inventing himself…kind of like a lesser-known Bowie. He was an amazing producer and raised Liv Tyler.

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