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In my 1969 obsession this year- I was thinking about the television shows that were my favorite as an eight year old. In my list I am only counting shows that were current in 1969- not counting older shows that were in syndication that were on during the day or late afternoon like for example The Andy Griffith Show which ended in 1968 or The Flintstones and Dick Van Dyke Show which both ended in 1966.


10. GUNSMOKE- My dad’s favorite show so of course on Monday night’s I watched it too. My dad wanted to name my younger brother Festus but saner heads prevailed [my mom’s} I was all for him being named Festus but in the end I was given the chore of naming him- but Festus wasn’t an option. I haven’t watched this show since I was a kid.

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9. GET SMART- Don Adams was wacky- a fun show to watch back then. I haven’t seen the show since- don’t know how well it holds up.

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8. LAUGH-IN- Another show my parents watched- I am sure I didn’t understand some of what was going on but I enjoyed it.

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7- I DREAM OF JEANNIE- When I was eight I wanted to be an astronaut. Great starring cast.


6-MY THREE SONS- The key to the shows success was Uncle Charley played by William Demerest. I don’t care for the first few seasons with William Frawley as Bub in that role- when Uncle Charley took over the show improved. I’ve watched some episodes recently it wasn’t as good as I thought it was at eight.

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5-MAYBERRY R.F.D.- I would of course at this time have been watching Andy Griffith re-runs but Andy was off the air and replaced by Mayberry RFD- some of the old Andy regulars were on it- and I liked Ken Berry- he was great in F-Troop too!

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4- GREEN ACRES- The key to the show was the supporting cast- of Mr. Haney, Hank  Kimball, Eb Dawson, Sam Drucker, The Monroe Brothers and the Ziffel’s -Fred, Doris and Arnold. I have watched this show some recently and it holds up well. Still like it.

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3-BEWITCHED- I think my first celebrity crush was either Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha in Bewitched or Mary Tyler Moore as Laura Petrie in The Dick Van Dyke Show.

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2-GOMER PYLE U.S.M.C.- The key to this show was Frank Sutton as Sgt. Carter. I am sure I’ve seen every episode of Gomer probably 10 times over the years.



1 THE BEVERLY  HILLBILLIES- A great perfect cast- all the characters were fun- as an 8 year old Jethro was my favorite but watching it as an adult- Granny was the key to the show. Without doubt as an 8 year old my favorite show- and I still will watch re-runs now- and enjoy the show.




  1. I just vaguely remember Gunsmoke. That thing ran for 20 years. I Dream of Jeannie & Bewitched were great. I so wanted Lisa Hartman’s Tabitha to make it. Larry Hagman was fun. I hated him as J.R.

    I vaguely remember Green Acres. I never liked The Beverly Hillbillies. I don’t remember Mayberry R.F.D.

    A lot of that stuff, I was WAY too young.

  2. Beverly Hillbillies are my #1 of this bunch, with Bewitched as #2, the rest shared 3rd place. I loved all of the characters on BH and loved it when Flatt & Scruggs made a cameo appearance. The show was genuinely funny. Granny reminds me of my own grandma in looks and actions. Dick York was priceless in Bewitched; loved his facial expressions.

  3. Great List…My number one would be Green Acres. The most surreal show maybe ever. I like all of the ones on the list. I really like the early Gunsmokes but never saw them until recently.

    I’ve watched some Laugh-In lately and for me, it’s hit or miss…which can be expected from that type of show. I love the topical humor though…I would like to see the Smothers Brothers show…I’ve never seen any of those, just clips. I want to see what was so subversive about it.

  4. Watched all of them except for Gomer Pyle, Mayberry, and Gunsmoke.
    As for Green Acres mentioned above……..I still remember every single word of the theme song! How is that possible, lol ?!

    • On a local station they began replaying the series last week with season 1 episode 1- we have been watching every episode. Hilarious!

  5. I love it! So fun and nostalgic, those *old* shows.
    It’s amazing, though, when they try to make similar shows today. They never last! The world’s a different place now. There’s no place for innocent, simple, kinda cheesy humor like that anymore! *sniffle*

    • I notice how- the comedies were better in the 60’s and 70’s than they are in recent decades and the drama’s are much much better today than in the 60’s -70’s- I guess there was no way something like Breaking Bad- The Sopranos- The Wire would have ever got past day 1 back then.

  6. Hey, that’s a good observation! That’s true!
    Maybe our sense of humor got chiseled away as more and more *grim reality* shows started showing up like Breaking Bad and the Sopranos.
    Now we don’t know how to laugh anymore, but, boy, the blood looks super-realistic!

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