Every Entry Into The Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart- 1969- Part 3. All three entries into the Hot 100 today come from the first week of 1969- the January 4, 1969 edition of the Hot 100. So happens today the first two singles happen to be from two of the greatest singers of the 20th Century.

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7. “Rain In My Heart”- Frank Sinatra- Pop- Reprise.  The Billboard Hot 100 as we know it began in 1955. Of course Frank Sinatra was having hits back in the 1940’s. Starting in 1955 onward Sinatra would have 68 Hot 100 hits during his career- his last hit being “The Theme From New York, New York”- in 1980 which went to #32. Frank Sinatra would turn 54 in 1969- and although the charts were dominated by youth for the most part- 1969 would be a good year for Frank. Later in the year he would release what would become one of his signature song’s “My Way” which would peak at #27. “Rain In My Heart” came off of his Cycles album which had been released right before Christmas 1968. The album was an attempt by Frank to be contemporary-he covered songs like “By The Time I Get To Phoenix”, “Both Sides Now”, “Little Green Apples” and “Gentle On My Mind.” The album is a hit and miss affair- some of the material doesn’t fit Sinatra- “Little Green Apples”  a prime example of that. “Rain In My Heart” was written by Teddy Randazzo and Victoria Pike and the music was arranged by Don Costa. The b-side is “The Train.” “Rain In My Heart: peaked at #62.  Grade: B


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8. ” If It Wasn’t For Bad Luck”- Ray Charles- Soul/ Funk – ABC.  A case could be made that Ray Charles was pound for pound the greatest all around  singer of the 20th Century. He was a master at every genre- R&B, Soul, Rock and Roll, Country, Gospel, Country, Jazz- you name it he would sing it and sing it well. During his long career he placed 76 singles onto the Billboard Hot 100. “If It Wasn’t For Bad Luck” was a record he made with Jimmy Lewis who had been with The Drifters before working with Charles as a songwriter and producer. The b-side to the single is “When I Stop Dreaming.” “If It Wasn’t For Bad Luck” peaked at #77. Grade: B+


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9.”She’s A Lady”- John Sebastian- Folk/ Rock- Kama Sutra. John Seabastian was the leader of The Lovin’ Spoonful a group from New York City which placed 14 singles on the Hot 100 from 1965-69- including first seven singles hitting the Top 10. 1966 was their greatest year with Daydream #2, Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind #2 and Summer In The City #1. The Lovin’ Spoonful broke up in 1968 and John Sebastian set out on his solo career. “She’s A Lady” was hit first single from his debut album. It was written by Sebastian and features Stephen Stills and David Crosby playing on the record. Note- at 1:45 his is the shortest single to hit the charts in 1969.  The b-side was “The Room Nobody Lives In.” Sebastian’s solo career would only have one hit- and it was a big one a #1 in 1976 “Welcome Back” from the Welcome Back Kotter television show. “She’s A Lady” peaked at #84. Grade: C


  1. I think John Sebastian was a great talent, though I’m not a fan of his solo work. To me, he was a little too in awe of his own wit and that pushed him into shmaltz–but he went there willingly and with purpose, like The Barenaked Ladies did in the 90s.
    If It Was Not For Bad Luck is grade A Funk, but that’s just me.

  2. I didn’t recognize any of them, the Ray Charles one is jammin and I see he got his message through about harassment. I’ve read some good things about Ray and not just about music.

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