Hans Remembers- News Headlines from Wednesday May 14, 1969-

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  • The site- GM’s Willow Run Assembly- Ypsilanti, Michigan. The 1,710,018th and last Chevrolet Convair a 1969 Convair Monza sport coupe rolls off the assembly line. The Convair had a ten year run being introduced in 1960. It was a very popular car but its downfall was when Ralph Nader published his groundbreaking book “Unsafe at Any Speed” in 1965 which centered on how unsafe the Convair was. After that book came out the sales started to decline and now it had reached the end of the line.


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  • John Lennon and Paul McCartney made an appearance on NBC-TV’s Tonight Show on this evening. Joe Garagiola was sitting in as guest -host for Johnny Carson. Among the things John and Paul talked about was their song writing, meditation and the forming of Apple Corps.

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  • Actress Cate Blanchett was born 50 years ago today in Ivanhoe, Australia. She has appeared in over 50 films and has won two Oscars- in 2004 for Best Supporting actress in The Aviator- in which she became the only actress to win an Oscar by portraying another Oscar winner- Kate Hepburn. Her other Oscar was Best Supporting Actress in 2006 for Notes On A Scandal. My favorite role of her’s- as Galadriel in The Lord of the Rings movies.

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  • Danny Wood singer-songwriter for New Kids On The Block was born on this day in Dorchester, Massachusetts.

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  • Dying on this day was Frederick Lane at 89- he was an Australian swimmer who won two gold medals in the 1900 Summer Olympics.

  • Enid Bennett an Australian born American silent film star died at 75. She was mostly active from 1915-1927.




  1. I so wish they had the video of John and Paul on the Tonight Show. I would imagine Joe Garagiola was out of his comfort zone with this.

    • I agree I wouldn’t imagine Joe was into The Beatles very much.. hopefully the staff came up with good questions for him to ask..

    • Hans…I didn’t know there was something out there…you may have known this…it is terrible quality but I didn’t know they had anything at all. Apple posted this on youtube.

  2. I liked Cate Blanchett in “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou”, which is in my top tier list of favorite films. Danny sure doesn’t look like a “kid” anymore! Did JC have a female co-host(ess) at one point?

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