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Hans Worst Hits of the 80-s “Caribbean Queen” by Billy Ocean. I include this in the Worst Hits series because it is such a blatant rip-off of a song that had been released just over a year earlier- a little ditty called Billie Jean by Michael Jackson. Both Billie Jean- Michael’s greatest ever single and Caribbean Queen went to #1. It was Ocean’s first hit. I think his later hit “Get Out Of My Dreams Get Into My car” is far worse than “Caribbean Queen” but If pressed to pick one from Ocean- I will go with Caribbean Queen because he and co-writer Keith Diamond ripped it off from Billie Jean.  Billie Jean was still being played all over the radio when this came out. I can’t believe there was no lawsuit. Of course it paid off Ocean won a Grammy for this song Best Male R&B Vocal Performance. Ocean would have 3 #1 hits in the mid 80’s before fading back into obscurity. Terrible sounding record too- hate that production but it went to #1 who am i to argue?



  1. He’s been around a long time. I didn’t like Caribbean Queen or Get Out of My Car…boring.

    I do like Loverboy & I remember this one playing when I was a kid. I like it, too. It made it #2 in the UK:

    • One of the best concerts I went to was Gary Glitter. A college hall full of Echo & The Bunnymen / Cure / Theatre of Hate fans and he had us eating out of his hands as he stood there in his stage clothes with bare patches in his sequinned attire (~1981 or 2 and he had just been declared bankrupt).
      In fact it was in the bar afterwards when Penny, one of my friends, told a story how one of her friends in St Austell had ‘got off’ with him, at 15, that I first became aware of what would ultimately be his downfall.
      All day I’ve had a line from Spocks Beard song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sN-OJgAZNE if you fancy listening to some prog) from the George Harrison inspired ‘Beware of Darkness’ album. “Some people think they’re Dangerous, well maybe just to little boys”.
      Neal Morse often is poor lyrically (and excellent musically) but here he nails it. Chris

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