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Han’s Worst Hits of the 80’s- it’s Friday- so why not “Working For The Weekend”- Loverboy. The Canadian band Loverboy was popular back in the early to mid-80’s in looking up their singles – they had 9 Top 40 hits- all deadly dull exercises in pedestrian rock and roll. They were a grade D band who hit on some popularity no doubt. I remember in the middle of all this MTV had a contest- the winner got to be in Loverboy’s upcoming video- and the winner I can still remember her name- was Bridget Magnesi. She appeared in their Queen Of The Broken Hearts video for 15 seconds. I don’t remember that one, I had pretty much shut down my MTV at that point. I think the thing I disliked most about Loverboy- was the singer Mike Reno. Just didn’t like his voice or the material. In a later interview he blamed the demise of Loverboy on grunge- and Nirvana and Pearl Jam. A look at the actual record- they were in decline in the mid 1980’s well before anyone heard of Kurt Cobain. Maybe it was your 15 minutes were up. Anyhow I picked Working For The Weekend as the worst hit- of all lame hits Loverboy [speaking of lame a terrible name for a band.} had Working For The Weekend was the worst simply because it seemed to be the one I heard the most and it became sort of an anthem for a brief period of time. It wasn’t as big of a hit as I originally thought- it only reached #28. Although it wasn’t their biggest hit on the charts- Lovin’ Every Minute Of It- was- it is the song of theirs you would be most likely to hear today on the radio.


  1. When I tell people I don’t like the 80s music as much as other earlier decades…this is one of the bands I point to. MTV was in love with them.

  2. If I had to pick most annoying Loverboy song it would be Turn Me Loose (I think that’s the title – can’t bring myself to look it up. Yes good description- pedestrian

    • yes Turn Me Loose was pretty annoying too. I think I took Working For The Weekend as my pick just because it seemed to be the one I heard the most…

  3. Hated Working For the Weekend especially, because I was doing a bunch of different jobs then and wasn’t sure where I’d ultimately end up and felt frustrated and trapped. The idea of having two days of respite between five days of torture was annoying and super-depressing. I know there are other lyrics in the song, but I only heard the chorus.

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