The Beatles Song Of The Day: “Sgt.Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”[reprise}


The Beatles Song Of The Day is “Sgt. Peppers’ Lonely Hearts Club Band” [Reprise} The song is on The Beatles “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” and is the next to last song. It is a reprise of the first song on the landmark album. It leads into what is possibly The Beatles finest work in the studio- and by far the greatest song on “Pepper” “A Day In The Life.”  The song was written by Paul McCartney. This was the last song recorded for “Sgt.Pepper.” The Beatles all thought that side 2 needed something else. Neil Aspinall suggested Paul reprise the opening track to book end the album and segue into “A Day In The Life.” Neil said he knew John liked the idea when he walked by and said to Neil with a sardonic grin “Nobody likes a smartass.” John Lennon: vocal and rhythm guitar/ Paul McCartney: vocal…

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  1. As I’ve noted on past occasions, “Sgt. Pepper” is my favorite Beatles album and I obviously love the Fab Four. That being said, “Reprise” is one of the tunes I could live without. It sounds a bit like a filler to me, especially when you compare it to the absolute masterpiece that follows, “A Day In The Life.” And while I’m at it, The Beatles also could have left out “Good Morning Good Morning.”

    I know we’ve said this before, but I just cannot resist to reiterate the though – can you imagine if they had replaced the above tunes with “Penny Lane” and “Strawberry Fields Forever”? It’s crazy the record company forced them to issue these gems as a double-A single. Once again, this goes to show that many record company reps think of money first and foremost, not the artists and their music!

    • No singles from either Sgt. Pepper or The White Album…. yet they were releasing singles that were topping the charts. They were working on The White Album 50 years ago and Paul wrote Hey Jude during that time…Hey Jude and Revolution would have been on The White Album– the rocking version of Revolution… crazy.

    • The White Album is another example of a record with fillers. A good friend of mine who also digs The Beatles said the other day that perhaps this shouldn’t have been a double album.

      In my opinion, the great tunes still more than compensate for tracks like “Revolution 9”. I certainly look forward to the upcoming reissue. If Giles Martin does similar work than he did with “Sgt. Pepper”, it should be great.

    • There are some filler on The White Album but I think that is a source of what I like about it- they weren’t afraid of giving you about everything they were working on at the moment. I would rather have those songs than not have them! I love Revolution #9 by the way!! Looking forward to the re-issue too!

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