The Beatles Song Of The Day: “Eleanor Rigby”


The Beatles Song Of The Day is “Eleanor Rigby.” “Eleanor Rigby” is on The Beatles finest album “Revolver.” The song was written by Paul McCartney with a little help from John Lennon. Pete Shotton who claimed to be have witnessed the songs creation said it took place after dinner at John’s with The Beatles and friends. The  group watched TV for a while then John got bored and suggested they play some music. The Beatles went into another room, Paul brought his guitar, played and sang the beginning of the song. The other Beatles made suggestions except for John. Paul had the cleric’s name as “Father McCartney.” Ringo came up with the line about Father McCartney ‘darning his socks in the night.” which everybody liked. Shotton noted that people would think Father McCartney was Paul’s father so they searched through the phone book and “Father McKenzie” was suggested. Then Paul…

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    • Yesterday I posted on my 4 favorite Paul Beatles songs- before I posted I was going to make a change- putting in Eleanor Rigby in place of Let It Be– but forgot– either way- one of my favorites also… brilliant.

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