• THE ROLLING STONES: STICKY FINGERS: 1971: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: From the iconic Andy Warhol album cover [his most famous along with The Velvet Underground banana debut?} to some great Rolling Stone standards-Brown Sugar, Wild Horses, Bitch and one of my Mount Rushmore Stones tunes “Dead Flowers” it is on the short list of most Stones fans list of favorite Stones albums. The third in the quartet of classic Stones albums released in a row from 1968-72. I have been listening to The Stones catalog over the last week. It won’t get any better than the past couple days.


  • THE ROLLING STONES: EXILE ON MAIN STREET: 1972: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: My favorite album by The Rolling Stones. I love the sound, the Mick vocals that are buried in the mix. Mick and Keith are always fighting over control and this album was a Keith is at the command post album. One of the greatest double albums ever- 18 songs- the best known are the two singles “Tumbling Dice” and “Happy” but I don’t think there is a bad song in the mix here. This is the 4th best selling Stones album ever behind Some Girls, Sticky Fingers and Tattoo You.


  • U2: POP: 1997: 1  STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: There are those who claim to like this album- don’t count me in that group. U2’s worst album and biggest disaster. I give them 1 star mainly for at least trying to do something different. They could have probably easily went in and done a Joshua Tree II.. maybe that would have been a good idea. I don’t know how after they had this finished that they actually thought- yes let’s release this it’s good. Only one song on this album “Staring At The Sun” is any good in my opinion. If I were going to make a U2 Top 50 that would be the only track here to make it. U2 was trying to be hip and modern here- with the  techno,  dance and electronica influences but it falls flat. The songs are week.The album was a bomb and so was the tour. I don’t think we will be seeing a U2 Pop 25th Anniversary Tour in 2022 or the cash grabbing reissues. I hate this album. I only listened to it because it was Bono’s 58th birthday today and I figured no one else would honor him by listening to this trash. Plus It was time for me to listen to something that I really hate. It would be three years before they released a new album and it was a U2 album. They had learned their lesson.

Best of the Alarm

  • THE ALARM: THE BEST OF THE ALARM: 2006: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: After listening to U2 I wanted to listen to some Alarm- I have always thought in the early 80’s there was a competition to see who was going to be the better band- of course we know U2 won out in the better band and most popular band contest. The bands were similar in many ways- with their anthem style songs. In the end I guess U2 won out due to writing better songs in the long run and having a frontman like Bono.  I do like The Alarm a lot though-and this is as good an album of any to listen to- it has about all you’d need to hear to convince someone that they were are pretty good outfit. Favorite songs over all by them- Rain In The Summertime.

Elvis Presley: The Searcher (The Original Soundtrack) [Deluxe]

  • ELVIS PRESLEY: THE SEARCHER SOUNDTRACK: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: After this listen I think it is time to give this album a little break- I am not sure how many times I’ve played it in the past two weeks.


  1. When I saw Dylan the first time in 1988, the Alarm was the opening act. While I was excited to see the legend, to a 17 year old in the late 80’s the Alarm was better (better than late 80’s Dylan, specifically). Of course, I’d love to be able to go back and see that show again since I became a Dylan fan going forward.

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