#840- “Kiss And Say Goodbye”- The Manhattans 1974- Columbia Billboard #1 The Manhattans were a group that paid its dues for a long long time before having big hits. Their singer Blue Lovett called the group ‘progressive doo-wop.” They would have this #1 hit in 1974 and another big hit in 1980 with “Shining Star.” This is a good record, another one of those if it came on the radio I’d enjoy it but not in my 1001 greatest singles.

#839- “Follow Your Heart”- The Manhattans 1966 Carnival Billboard #92. I had never heard this one before today. Nice but unremarkable to my ears. Marsh has two Manhattan songs back to back. They had a number of Top 100 hits but only two to crack the Top 40. They earned their eventual success.

#838-“For What It’s Worth”- Buffalo Springfield 1967 Alto Billboard #7. Stephen Stills wrote this after observing the Sunset Strip clashes between police and young adults. His lyrics do not take a side in the matter- just observations. I agree with Marsh on this- the most remarkable thing about this song is the guitar and vocal and harmonies of Randy Meisner. This is the only Top 40 hit the Buffalo Springfield had, we’d hear from Stills and that Neil Young fellow again. For the life of me I don’t know why a real top grade talent like Neil Young ever wasted five minutes with meatheads like David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash. One of the mysteries of life. This song would be in my 1001 greatest singles/songs.

#837 ” I Miss You’- Klymaxx 1984: Constellation Billboard #5. I remember hearing this song a million times back when I actually listened to pop radio. Marsh compares this song to Michael Jackson’s ballads. I’d agree. Nice song but I wouldn’t put it on my 1001.

#836-“I’ve Been Lonely Too Long” The Rascals  1967 Atlantic Billboard #16- The Rascals had three #1 hits in 3 years in the mid- to late 1960’s with “Good Lovin”, “Groovin’, and “People Got To Be Free.” Overall they had 13 Top 40 hits. I have their greatest hits album and it’s always a good listen. A couple Rascals singles would make my list- I like this song a lot but it probably wouldn’t make the cut.

#835 “Goodbye Baby”- Jack Scott 1958 Carlton Billboard #8. A Canadian rockabilly artist. He had some hits in the late 1950’s-early 1960’s- “My True Love”, “Leroy”, “What In The World’s Come Over You”‘ Burning Bridges” and this one. I don’t know if I had ever heard a Jack Scott song before this. Dave Marsh claimed that Scott was the greatest Canadian Rock and Roll singer of all-time. I need to listen to more Jack Scott I think. I like this but not on my 1001.

#834 -“Baby Scratch My Back”- Slim Harpo 1966 Excello Billboard #16. This seems like an odd hit for 1966 but it was. Harpo was a country blues artist. This was his second and final  Top 40 hit. He died in 1970 of a heart attack at the age of 46. And this song isn’t about having his back scratched. I had heard this before and another of the “I like the record a lot but falls short of 1001.”

#833-” Just One Look”- Doris Troy 1963- Atlantic Billboard #10. The first version of this song I heard was the Linda Ronstadt hit in the 1960s- Doris Troy’s version easily tops that. It was her only Top 100 hit. Note- she would later be a background singer on a little album you may have heard of- Pink Floyd’s “Darkside of the Moon.”

#832- “Hungry”- Paul Revere and The Raiders 1966 Columbia Billboard #6. They had a number of hits from the mid 1960’s to early 70’s. I have heard their hits and other than “Kicks”- could take them or leave them. This is a good record but not in my 1001 or under consideration.

#831-“Send Me Some Lovin’- Little Richard 1957- Specialty Billboard #54. Richard’s most conventional single. There are a number of Richard singles I’d consider for my 1001 but would leave this one out- not that I don’t like it. I can’t imagine what it was like when Little Richard hit the national scene in the 1950’s. I am not convinced he is of this earth.

#830- “Take It To The Limit”- The Eagles 1975: Asylum Billboard #4. I started to really dislike The Eagles after watching the documentary a few years ago on them. What egos- for a second rate [in my opinion] group. They think they are right up there with The Beatles and The Stones. I can take or leave their music. I like some of their songs better than others. This one is ok. Oddly though I am a big fan of Don Henley’s 1980’s solo albums and singles and I do I am a fan of Ringo’s brother -in -law Joe. I don’t know if any Eagles songs would make my 1001- but a few Henley solo records would -namely “The Boys Of Summer” which will be in my Top 50- and a song or two from Joe Walsh- namely “Life’s Been Good.” The Eagles have always been very popular- and they are better than a lot of other groups who have sold tons of records over the years but I am lukewarm about them.  I have been on I-40 near Winslow, Arizona 4 or 5 times, I’ve never stood on a corner there.


    • CSN had their moments- but I have always viewed Young as a Grade A talent -the others not so much – Grade C. I just can’t see what the attraction was for him there. But I think he has associated himself in his career with a number of talents who weren’t on par with him his back up band for one.

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