The Beatles Song Of The Day:”Misery”


“Misery” is the second song on The Beatles debut album “Please Please Me.” It was a Lennon/McCartney song and they have said that it was one of the songs that they wrote together. John Lennon-vocal and rhythm guitar/Paul McCartney-vocal and bass guitar/ George Harrison-lead guitar/ Ringo Starr-drums and George Martin-piano. “Misery” was recorded Febraury 11th/20th 1963 at Abbey Road. John and Paul shared the lead vocal on this one, a close harmony duet between the two. “Misery” isn’t a bad song but it was just a knock off. A song about self pity. Nothing all that special about it when you compare it to other songs the boys wrote. But it is important to note that during a time when artists didn’t write their own material that The Beatles on their debut album wrote eight of the fourteen songs on it.

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    • I wrote that over 5ive years ago. In re-reading it today I think I would give it 4 stars now. I gave it 3 then. I like the song. I don’t know if you have seen the Uncut Magazine special editions on artist? They have over the past maybe 7-8 years released these special editions and they have album reviews and grade each song on every album. There is only one of those specials where they didn’t assign grades to songs- it was on the magazine for The Beatles- I think they wrote that these songs are all so familiar that its impossible to assign stars to them and most of the songs would have the top grade anyway… 5ive years ago when I previewed The Beatles songs I made my way through most of them I think I was up to The White Album when I stopped. I need to complete the job

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