Day of reckoning week 3

well we should have bet the mortgage in college ball last week. 5-0 and everything fell exactly as we saw it. i hate taking under bets in college especially with their overtime rule. you can be holding an under 54 card with a game going to OT tied at 13 and you might as well light that card on fire.

college 5-0 last week. lots of nail biting on the rutgers +11 but the huskers could only muster a 10 point win. tcu okie st did look like playstation covering the over 70. round out a couple of SEC games and we will take our first perfect (and hopefully i did not just jinx myself) of the season.

college record now 9-3-3

nfl was a win as well 3-2. i need to take my aggravation with bill o’brein to another column honestly. i know better than a team trying to cover a two td spread. it does not happen and it did not happen. have to admit that i am liking this watson kid in houston. hopefully o’brein gets run off before he ruins him.

was spot on with cincy +9, bills +1, and titans -1. two of the three won outright and it took a crazy set of sequences for cincy to not win outright.

the only game that absolutely made me want to throw things was the chargers chiefs game. they scored 21 points in the first quarter. and very little afterward. so much for that over.

nfl record stands at 8-7 we are in the black in both. pretty good times.

side note last week was the largest win for the vega$ sportsbooks in perhaps ever. with the stillers, donkos, and pats failing to cover in the early games almost every parlay and teaser bet was toast early. so the fact that we would have have made money in the worst weekend for punters (bettors) is a positive note. it would not have been much but it would have been money in our pocket.