how did Q do – day of reckoning week 1

fortunately i still have a house, because i did not bet the mortgage. college had some real snoozers, but of course this is because it is early. missed out on a couple of picks that i should have put down, but anyone can say they knew it after the fact. next time will go with our gut.

college 2-2-1 – missed 2 totals, got a push out of iowa and iowa state, nailed one total, and did not need the points with oklahoma who won outright at ohio state. it seems the half against indiana the previous week was not a fluke. ohio state seems to have some issues to figure out. i am sure that urban meyer will be up to the task.

nfl – 2-3. niners are still bad at football, sorry about that (should have gone with the bills pick) dallas was much better than i expected against the giants, or the giants were worse than i expected against the cowboys. packers seattle was interesting for sure. i would not want to be the league official who gets pete carroll’s phone call about the officiating. iggles looked real good against washington. stillers get the win but not the cover.

hopefully we will bounce back this week.



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