Goal is to listen to 1500 different albums in a 12 month period.

TODAY listened to 5 different albums- 104 day total 674. On pace for 2365 different albums.

  • BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN: BORN TO RUN: 1975: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: Bruce’s big breakthrough and still his most loved album by most of his fans. Major growth in two years between the second album and this his third. Born To Run- the song was only a minor hit which tells you a lot about the radio in 1975. Born to Run and Thunder Road two of The Boss’s greatest songs. Album is famous for its Phil Spector like Wall of Sound production.
  • RON SEXSMITH: RETRIEVER: 2004: 4 1/2 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: Another typical Ron Sexsmith album- Hard Bargain, Imaginary Friends, Not About To Lose, From Now On are among the standouts. Can he write a bad song?
  • LED ZEPPELIN: PRESENCE: 1976: 3 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: My least favorite Led Zeppelin album. Like Bruce Springsteen’s “The Wild, The Innocent and The E-Street Shuffle ‘ I have listened to this for years and it never kicks in.
  • THE KINKS: SOMETHING ELSE: 1967: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: One of The Kinks best albums- Waterloo Sunset finishes the album- it is their greatest song ever. Other standouts- David Watts, Death of A Clown. Dave Davies writes three songs on this one. Their next album was “Village Green Preservation Society”- The Kinks were riding their peak. Neither sold all that well. Go figure.
  • BOB DYLAN: LOVE AND THEFT: 2001: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: The album was released on September 11, 2001. Bob’s follow up to the outstanding “Time Out Of Mind”- two great albums in a row. The key to Bob’s comeback-simple writing great songs. This one includes possibly his most acclaimed song of the later part of his career “Mississippi.”