so it comes down to this

hillary diane clinton vs donald john trump.

how did we get here? that everyone i ask about this has an opinion comes as no surprise. the stakes are high for 2016 and everyone needs a clothes pin to hold their nose, and antacids for after the visit to the voting booth.

its funny to me how and why we put up with this? everyone will freely admit that both of them are liars. yep and we have allowed this to happen. it has been known for a long time that hillary would be the nominee. sorry sanders supporters this has been in the making since the 2012 election. it was definitely a valiant fight, but there was nothing that could have been done to stop this coronation.

trump on the other hand has truly shown what can happen if you do not have to worry about soliciting campaign contributions. this fact alone makes him a very interesting candidate. i have always wondered what would happen if a candidate was able to get into an election without campaign contributions and did not have his or her phone ringing with expectations for the donation. i will expound on this in a future post.

talk about quite the contrast in candidates. on one had we have a family that seeks to skirt the laws then pretend that they had no idea they what they were doing might be seen as not on the level. then we have another candidate that seeks to enrich his brand and is a shill.

two very polarizing candidates. SCOTUS hangs in the balance. the mudslinging has not even begun and most everyone is already tired of this process.

all i can say is may God have mercy on our souls.