conversation stoppers and strange looks

i have never been one to challenge societal norms. i, quite frankly, would rather blend into the woodwork, rather than be the center of attention. over the last couple of years of my life many circumstances changed. i was living the american dream, fancy house, 2.5 children, 3 automobiles – and that all changed.  learned some hard lessons. really found out the type of man i was.

though staggered, i stayed on my feet, changed jobs, lost a lot people that i considered friends. i doubt any of them read this, but should they find this little spot on the web – by all means email or call me – i have reached out to you before and you did not want to know me. i have forgiven. its easy to do.


all of that being said as life has recovered and moved on – the children and i have moved into our new place, something they also helped with in designing how they wanted their rooms to be. building it ourselves was quite the chore, but we had help when we needed it and saved a bit by doing things ourselves. is it perfect – no, but we think it is.

most everything is back to normal, (could stand to meet a kind lady along the way, yet i digress) save one thing. and this is a showstopper – i do not own a television. i have not owned a television in 3 years. now i have watched television, a local favorite restaurant helped me greatly by showing the world cup. i have visited friends and watched, but overall the desire just is not there to have a television. my children see it differently of course, and i may get something for them to be able to watch films and dvds, but i do not think that i am missing anything am i?

it gets a bit humorous when this comes up in conversation. something will happening either in the news, or a sporting event, or a popular show that promotes water cooler conversations, and i will inevitably be asked – ‘did you see….’ and i try to just say unfortunately i missed that one, but i would like to hear about it. but that usually only works for a moment, because another question will be asked and it continues until finally i have to say – look i do not own a tv. and you hear the cliched record scratch, the conversation come to a complete halt – and the strange looks.

at this point one of two reactions happen – half think i am joking and the other half think i am judging them for the amount of tv they watch. the ones that think i am joking usually ask a follow up question, but the ones that think i am judging them usually say well i dont watch all that often etc.

here’s the thing. watch all you want. that’s your business. or don’t watch. that’s your business. i am not concerned with how you spend your time – for me it is just not what i want to do right now.

the other thing – own it. whatever you do own it.





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