fun things from the weekend

i coach my son’s baseball team. we have a randy bunch of 5-6 year olds that are just learning the game. our opening day was on saturday, at it was a picture perfect day. i refer to them as chamber of commerce days – as in if you were wanting perfect weather for the big event and could influence the weather there it is.

the little men were excited about the opening day. i think most probably wanted to play in the dirt. a good time was had by all. now our season is underway, and i hope that all of the children involved in the league have a great time in learning sportsmanship, the spirit of competition, and the enjoyment of being part of a team.

nothing better though watching the faces of the players as they hit the ball or catch or make a throw, seeing the collective light bulb go on in each childs mind is the best feeling of all.

hope everyone has a great day today.