Shazam Predicts This Years Top Summer Songs

The Skilled and Seductive Kate Upton

Shazam predicted last year that Gotye’s “Someone That I Used To Know” would be the smash of the summer of ’13. Now the app has predicted what will be the top ten songs of this summer. I haven’t heard one of them. Maybe If I am lucky I will be able to say that on Labor Day.

Note: I hate summer weather and I hate the beach. If its above 60 degrees to me its too hot. Just sayin’

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4 responses to “Shazam Predicts This Years Top Summer Songs

    • I like walking along the beach..that is as far as it goes.. It’s been over 20 years since I’ve actually been to the beach. True in the midwest-we don’t have many options as far as beach goes..

  1. I also hate summer weather. I’m already counting down the days until mid-September when the cooler fall weather arrives.
    I’m also not interested in hearing the latest summer songs. On the other track, it does make me wonder if I could be missing a great new song. What if people in the 1950’s decided that the best music had already been made and refused to listen to The Beatles? Although no one can be as great as them, it’s sad to think I may not be giving a great song or musician a chance. Or worse yet, it’s sad to think that there may never be any great new music to get excited about ever again.

    • Interesting comments. We totally agree on the weather. I get what you are saying about the music. There are times I think I should say look up the top 100 songs each year for the past say 10 years and listen to them all to see what I’ve missed. I do listen to new music but not the kind of music they play on the radio. Last year I did one week listen to every song in the top 100 that week. There were a few songs I liked.

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