Michael Jackson “Billie Jean”


“Billie Jean” was the second single off of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” album. The song went to #1 on the Billboard charts and is one of the classic great songs from the 1980’s. Rolling Stone Magazine ranks it #58 on their all time Top 500 Greatest Songs list. Michael Jackson wrote the song. Quincy Jones produced it. It almost didn’t make the album. Quincy Jones and Michael argued over the song. Quincy Jones didn’t like the song, he thought it wasn’t strong enough for the collection. Quincy Jones hated the introduction-the bass line. Luckily Michael had his way and this was released. Michael Jackson’s greatest work.


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  1. Billie Jean has been played at every wedding I’ve run for the last 5 years. I can count on it. It seems to have replaced Lady in Red as the one song you can count on hearing. Not saying its bad, just saying it has become a must play to get people dancing at weddings.

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