Similarities And Coincidences In Lives And Deaths Of Kennedy And Lincoln


Similarities and coincidences in the lives and deaths of President Abraham Lincoln and President John Kennedy. Most of these are well known.

50 Similarities and Coincidences

  1. Lincoln was shot at Ford’s Theater. Kennedy was shot in a Ford automobile.
  2. Lincoln’s killer John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln in a theater and was caught in a warehouse. Lee Oswald, Kennedy’s assassin shot Kennedy from a warehouse and was caught in a theater.
  3. Both were shot in the back of the head, on a Friday before a major holiday. Lincoln the Friday before Easter, Kennedy the Friday before Thanksgiving.
  4. The wives of both presidents were seated next to their husbands when they were shot and although they were just inches away from their husbands they would go unhurt.
  5. Another couple were with the President and First Lady when the assassination took place. With the Lincoln’s at Ford’s Theater that night were their guests Major Rathbone and his fiance Clara Harris. With the Kennedy’s in Dallas were John Connolly and his wife Nelly.
  6. Both Presidents were elected to Congress in a year ending in 46. Lincoln 1846, Kennedy 1946.
  7. Both Presidents were elected President in a year ending in 60. Lincoln 1860, Kennedy 1960.
  8. Both Presidents last names contained seven letters.
  9. Both Presidents had Vice Daddy’s who were named Johnson. Both Johnson’s were from the south.
  10. Both Lincoln and Kennedy were tall, athletic men.
  11. Both Lincoln and Kennedy were second children in their family.
  12. Both Lincoln and Kennedy had been boat captains in their younger days.
  13. Both Lincoln and Kennedy as presidents were concerned with civil rights.
  14. Both men had studied the law.
  15. Both presidents suffered from a genetic disease. Lincoln is thought to have suffered from Marfin’s Disease. Kennedy had Addison’s Disease.
  16. Lincoln sat in Box 7 at Ford’s Theater. Kennedy was in-car 7 of the Dallas motorcade.
  17. Both Presidents received the best medical attention available at the time. In both cases it didn’t matter, even today they would have no hope of surviving such terrible wounds.
  18. Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy who asked him not to go to the theater that night. Kennedy had a secretary named Lincoln who asked him not to go to Texas.
  19. Both Lincoln and Kennedy had sisters who had died before they were elected POTUS.
  20. Both First Ladies were socially prominent 24 year olds who married husbands in their mid-30’s.
  21. Both families lost a child while in the White House.
  22. Both First Ladies spoke fluent french.
  23. Both First Ladies held the bullet torn heads of their husbands after they had been shot until doctors took over.
  24. Both presidents had served in wars. Lincoln in an Indian War, Kennedy in World War II
  25. Both men were named after their grandfathers.
  26. Both presidents were rocking chair enthusiasts. Lincoln was shot while sitting in a rocking chair, Kennedy enjoyed sitting in a rocking chair to soothe his bad back.
  27. Both presidents were fatalistic and didn’t like having body guards.
  28. Both men had remarked how easy it would be to kill a president.
  29. The Vice Daddy’s who became POTUS. Both Johnson’s would not run for re-election in years ending in ’68.
  30. Both Vice Daddy’s had first names that contained six letters.
  31. Andrew Johnson was born in 1808. Lyndon Johnson 1908.
  32. Both assassins would be killed before they could stand trial.
  33. The names John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald each contain 15 letters.
  34. Both assassins would be trapped by an officer named Baker.
  35. Both assassins were in their mid 20’s
  36. Both assassins were killed from a single shot from a colt revolver.
  37. Both presidents were known for their quick wit.
  38. Both presidents seemed to have a lazy eye. An eye that seemed to deviate.
  39. Both men were known for their ability to communicate. Kennedy won a Pulitzer Prize and had a number of famous speeches. Many of Lincoln’s speeches are considered classics including the most famous speech in American history, the Gettysburg Address.
  40. In both assassinations the man in the couple with the president and first lady were injured but not fatally. Major Rathbone was slashed with a knife, Governor Connolly was shot.
  41. Both presidents died in a place with the initials PH- Lincoln at the Peterson House. Kennedy at Parkland Hospital.
  42. Autopsies were performed on both presidents.
  43. Lincoln had sons named Robert and Edward. Kennedy had brothers named Robert and Edward.
  44. Both assassins were sympathizers to enemies of the United States. Booth was for the south in the Civil War. Oswald had defected to the Soviet Union at one time and was a Marxist.
  45. Both assassins used aliases. Booth would use J. Wilkes, Oswald would go by Alek J. Hidell.
  46. Both assassins knew where their victim would be by reading it in a newspaper.
  47. Both presidents had been involved in famous political debates. Lincoln with Stephen Douglas. Kennedy with Tricky Dicky Nixon.
  48. The assassins of the assassins had both changed their names. Boston Corbett the man who killed Booth had changed his name from Thomas. Jack Ruby the killer of Oswald had changed his name from Jacob Rubenstein.
  49. Both Corbett and Ruby were unstable men who were prone to violent outbursts.
  50. In both assassinations there are conspiracy theories. We know for sure Booth was involved in a conspiracy but it may have been more elaborate than we know of. With the Kennedy assassination there are dozens of theories [although Hans Postcard believes in the lone gunman theory}si

a bonus similarity-before being assassinated Lincoln was in Monroe, Maryland, Kennedy was in     Marilyn Monroe.

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  1. When i think about JFK and his little brother RFK, i think about comparisons to to other brothers that tried to introduce reforms and paid with their lives for it – Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus in Ancient Rome that both tried to introduce land reform.

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