Che Guevara Captured In Bolivia-This Day 1967

Guerrilla leader and revolutionary Che Guevara and his men were captured in Bolivia on this day in 1967 by Bolivian troops. He would be killed the next day.

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  1. As an American I’m sure you have a rather warped vision of Cuba. As a Canadian let me say it is one of the most amazing places I`ve visited. Che`s face is plastered everywhere in Cuba,It makes me rather sad to think of his demise.

    • My vision of the country and its people are different than my vision of the Cuban dictatorship and Uncle Fidel. Cuba was for years a playground for Americans and I never would have anything against the people in the country. My view of the government is different. Fidel Castro was a brutal dictator, a cat who has had at least a thousand lives too and he still lives. I will shed no tears on Che Guevara’s demise. A romantic figure for some no doubt. I did enjoy the movie about the young Che “The Motorcycle Diaries” Che was a true believer. I can admire that, although I do not admire all of his beliefs.

  2. Point taken. Nor do I agree with all things Che. That said – Cuba is a special place. It’s the Cuban people I admire. Havana is held together with chicken wire, cinder blocks and determination. I would move there tomorrow if I could. You can’t buy so much as an aspirin, yet the streets are filled with music and laughter. Time stopped in 1959 and the people have found a way to make it work. Sad, beautiful and tragic, I return from Cuba feeling alive and hopeful. Che is just a small part of the story.

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