Pro Football Hall of Fame-Canton, Ohio- Eric Dickerson- Dickerson’s Jersey and Cleats


This one is for you Quinn on one of your favorite players. Eric Dickerson is probably the most underappreciated great running back in NFL history. He had a great college career at SMU. Maybe part of the problem is he was there and involved in the worst college scandal up until the recent Penn State scandal. SMU got the death penalty and they never have really recovered from that. Dickerson was the second pick in the draft going to the Los Angeles Rams, the first pick was John Elway.

In his second year Eric Dickerson set the all time single season rushing record with 2105 yards {It has to be noted he had 16 games to do that in-where OJ Simpson when he had 2003 yards they were playing a 14 games schedule then.}  Dickerson was a unique running back. He was a straight up runner and looked even taller than his 6’3 220 frame. He rushed for 13,259 yards in his career, 4.4 yards per carry, with 90 touchdowns.

Why is Dickerson unappreciated? Maybe because he played with 4 different teams. He never played on many winning teams, most of the teams he played on were mediocre. He retired after the 1993 season and was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.


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  1. thanks a lot. i remember seeing dickerson in college. he grew up about 90 miles from where i did, and honestly i should not like him at all. he committed to my university and may have even received an trans-am from an overzealous booster at my university (allegedly).
    he is one of the first straight up runners that i remember seeing. in my opinion there was no one better in the open field than dickerson.
    i will concede jim brown as the greatest rb in the nfl. i can see your arguments for barry sanders, but for my money its dickerson. his contract dispute with the rams got him exiled to indy, when the colts were awful. and i mean hide the women and children awful. i would bet that the colts did not win 15 games in the time dickerson was there. well i had to look – seems they won 30+ games and were not as bad as i thought – it was really after dickerson and coach ron meyer left.
    fastest rusher to 10,000 yards 91 games for him 98 for jim brown.

    and ripping the dallas cowboys for 248 yards in a playoff game was incredible

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