Joseph Kennedy, Jr.-Born On This Day 1915


Joseph Kennedy, Jr the eldest son of Joseph and Rose Kennedy was born on this day in 1915. Being the oldest of nine children Joe Jr was expected by Joe Sr to be the families political standard bearer. It is one of those “what if’s?” in history. Joseph Jr would be killed during World War II when his experimental plane blew up over  Suffolk, England. Joe Kennedy,Jr.s remains were never recovered, he was 29 years old.

The mantle was then passed to the second oldest son in the family, John. After World War II he would win a seat in the US House of Representatives, then the Senate and then in 1960 beat Tricky Dicky by a narrow margin and became president. You have to wonder what would have happened had Joe Jr lived. A lot of things deal with timing. Ike wasn’t going to be beaten in 1952 or 56 by anyone.  How would Joe Jr’s career had went? I can only think one thing for certain, had Joe lived Jack would never have become president. Kind of like the Bush’s, George W. was born first and had the first shot at the presidency. Jeb had to wait in line behind W. Jack was waiting in line behind Joe.


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  1. not only that, and i know you know this, but Jack was almost lost in the war as well. there were almost down to plan c – with bobby.
    i agree that ike was not going to lose in 52 or 56, and i am not sure what kind of politico joe jr would have been.

    • and i was thinking also.. a single event can derail someone.. what if joe gave some speech that backfired..or did something like driving a car over a bridge killing a woman who is riding with you. that would end your chances..

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